Bagels By Mail

Our premium, boiled and hand-baked bagels are the best order by mail available anywhere. We use the same recipes that we use for our retails stores, never cut corners or substitute ingredients in our bagels by mail product. The flour we use is clean-label, high gluten flour, non-chlorinated and non-bleached. It comes from a cooperative in North Dakota.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take the bagels to get from Finagle to my doorstep?
Depending on what shipping package you choose it varies; anywhere from overnight to three days.

Do you deliver to P.O. boxes?
It is FedEx's policy not to deliver perishable goods to P.O. boxes

Will the bagels be fresh?
If handled properly by FedEx and received upon delivery, the bagels will be delicious. We don't add artificial preservative to any of our bagels so express shipping is required.

Can I freeze the bagels to make them keep longer?

Facts About Our Bagels

Proprietary Scratch Recipe

Bagels Fermented Overnight

Boiled By Hand

Baked in Small Batches by Hand

Non Bromated

No Bleached Flour

Clean Label Ingredients


Milk, Dairy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy

Click Here or call (617) 213-8428 to order.

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